Great architecture and design creates great residences. Cranecorp prides itself on using these elements as pillars of development success.

“Melbourne is design-led and architecturally progressive. So too is our approach to development.”

Excellence and individuality are our uncompromising cornerstones.

Once a site is chosen, cranecorp is unwavering in its commitment to delivering outstanding residences that are positive talking points for their vision and quality.

Cranecorp collaborates with the best partners across design, architecture, interior design, construction and property management.

We also develop strong relationships with our clients which enable us to develop their property development vision.

To do this, we invest time in understanding our client’s needs and wants, then work with them to help meet and exceed their requirements. This is all part of a desire to make the property development process a pleasurable and effortless one for our clients.

Our approach means Cranecorp is well placed to deliver a first class solution every time.

Cranecorp development projects are defined by a number of Signature Features, ensuring each residence
possesses distinction, quality and exclusivity.

Signature features - Enviable space

Enviable space

Central to any Cranecorp residence is space. Cranecorp offers large two and three bedroom open plan residences that are significantly more spacious than alternative product seen in Melbourne. Catering specifically to the more astute owner-occupier looking for greater residence size, Cranecorp properties fulfil that craving and deliver a capacious floorplan. Every apartment within a specific project takes this approach, ensuring that occupiers can be assured neighbouring residents share common standards.

Signature features - A residance of distinction

A residence of distinction

As a premium product, the features, finishes and fixtures experienced within a Cranecorp residence are at the absolute pinnacle. Working with industry leaders such as Rogerseller, Valcucine, Fantini and Lema, the quality seen within a Cranecorp residence is industry leading. Cranecorp works closely with its preferred expert designers to select the finest interior elements to ensure each project has its own identity whilst also blending seamlessly with the building architecture and surrounding environment.

Signature features - Absolute exclusivity

Absolute exclusivity

In a market saturated by large, high-rise developments, Cranecorp’s projects are different. Each development is truly boutique in size, typically ranging from three to seven levels, and not containing more than 30 residences. In most cases, Cranecorp projects do away with common lobbies, with elevators opening directly into apartments, maintaining privacy and maximising space. Importantly, the limited nature of each project ensures residents are delivered a unique property, one that is set apart from the common apartments in Melbourne.

Signature features - Design panache

Design panache

Working with best-in-practice architects and interior designers ensures each and every Cranecorp development is at the height of avantgarde design. The design excellence exhibited across Cranecorp projects is a defining feature and is one which helps set residences apart from the underwhelming ‘vanilla’ developments typically seen across Melbourne. Encouraging our design partners to challenge common thinking ultimately results in a more distinctive product and one which purchasers can be proud of living in.